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What is a Seminar *? In general, it is an opening of a scientific discourse which is regarded as a partial examination. Student becomes self-acquainted with a subject and presents personal views. There are differences in the requirements of form and content. This depends on the subject and the university.

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Write an introduction to the seminar work

The requirements for a seminar are always high. Scientific language is essential. This means that not only specific expressions from beauty literature, but also the first person, singular and plural are prohibited. Did you know? Special attention is also given to the question and the structure of the seminar work.

The structure of the typical seminar work:

  • Title,
  • Contents,
  • Letter of introduction* Yeah.
  • Main part creation,
  • Done.

As regards the introduction, it should not be more than one page. In this part of the scientific work it is necessary to explain the meaning and the main problem. In the main, all arguments, pros and cons are given. The argument can be either inductive or deductive. The final part of the academic work is a closed whole.

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